What's Your #JournalismInColor Story?

We're collecting experiences from journalists of color and creating a feed of those stories.

Positive or negative—what's a moment you've experienced in the field? 

What's a hardship you went through? What's a moment of triumph you had? Was there a time you felt undermined because of your race? What time had you risking who you were and/or your beliefs to get ahead or to be heard? Or, when's a time you felt you could be your complete self in the "newsroom?"

If you're so inclined, we would love if you could share with us (and possibly the site + our Twitter feed) an experience that you've had working in journalism.

PLEASE NOTE: Your 280 character experience will be posted anonymously, only attributing to ethnicity, gender, and country [e.g. "-Black woman editor, Nigeria]. Your name and email will not be shared with any affiliate, third party, or any other participants.

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